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Birthday present or a Mother’s Day gift?

A poster that is beautiful, simple and has a personal significance to you? Or to your loved one? Choose a letter, add a name and a birthday and you are done! Also perfect for a newborn baby!

Anniversary present or a gift for the eight birthday?

Some numbers are more significant than others, some just look cooler on the wall. Whatever your reasons may be, they are good enough of an excuse to start creating a fancy new poster!

Motivational poster or a favorite quote?

Choose a letter, add some motivational pep talk, choose the colors & click order. And soon you have a unique poster on its way to you!

Your hometown, favorite place or the place where you proposed?

Konala, Helsinki might not be the most romantic or lovable place in the world for others. But it is just perfect for you. Whatever place it is, we don’t judge!

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Poster info

Poster price
50 €
Free global shipping
Poster size
500 mm * 700 mm
180 g/m2 matte paper
Designed & printed
Helsinki, Finland
Delivery time Nordic
4-7 business days
Delivery time Europe
5-8 business days
Delivery time rest of the World
6-12 business days
Global express delivery time
1-2 business days, +20 €
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Full refund

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